Thursday, November 4, 2010

Around the corner

For the first time ever I need a mercy help for awake my spirit, not because I have been down or what, is just I have no feeling at all about my final exam which is just around the corner. My brain numbing and cant decide neither to study and do revision nor relax and just watch film like in a normal week, I just sit back and do nothing and sometime afraid a bit about what to answer in final. I think I just ride a bike with no handle and no paddle and absolutely no centimeter moved and no direction to go.

All my housemate with the same attitude, they just pleasure the leisure of study week, I think this analogy suite them no class no cry, sigh I just confuse who affect who, sometime I drag them with my activity and sometime I been drag by them, its heard like a massive black hole right?.

I think I still with the culture shock, back in those day where I just like a king been spoon feed by my friends and my lecturer and here there is no one to spoon feed me instead I do everything on my own, even right now I think me so effortless.if there is a quote saying the thing cannot goes with the plan if you does'nt have a plan that very suite me right now, like they said got you on your face lol. What I mean here, how can I get a good result if I still not study yet.

alright, in conclusion, I need to stop facebook-ing, blogging, and do nothing instead of take out my damn book and start reading. ciao

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